Duchenne Memorial Wall

Paul  J. Woolley

Paul J Woolley  02/O3/85 - 04/08/13

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Paul was diagnose with DMD at the age of five (5).  He was in a  main stream school and had lots of friends. He always enjoyed school swimming and had Phisio once a week.

We raised enough money to help him with an electric wheel chair.  He had spinal surgery at the age of eight.  He then attended middle school and was doing much better  then most children who use  wheel chair by then.

He enjoyed normal things like going fishing,  down town, cinema with his friends.  He had a very good sense of humor with was affection for others.    

In his senior year school which he enjoyed so much, he took his GCSE testing  which took him to levels that would take him  to the University and gained with (hon) Bachelor of Science Physiology and Pharmacology.      

He enjoyed nights out with friends and eating out and seriously took charge of his own finances. He loved buying things on the internet for friends and family. 

At the age of 27, he became so ill he had to be admitted into the  hospital and was put on the Nippy. The doctors spoke to him while we was out for lunch Paul had decided he was not going on life support and put a DNR was put into place. He still had a good sense of humor,  love planning for the holidays.  His last holidays was in Dubai.     

He also went to see his football team which was in  Arsenal, he had met the team twice,  while he was not well,  he still had a party and raised money for the Willow Foundation. Sadly he passed away the next year very peaceful at home.  He had a good send off  by many friends and family. Everybody that knew Paul was touch by how much he achieved in his life.  We went back to his school and presented,  "The Paul Woolley Award for Courage."