Duchenne Memorial Wall

Everyone has a Vision.   A Dream.  An Ideal.  But what is realistic and what is just a dream are two different things.


But the veteran's wall at one point was just an ideal than it became a dream or even a vision, before it became realistic.    

The Duchenne Memorial Wall is in the same position right now.  Empowered by the families of these young men and women.   Their will is, as strong as those were back then, the dream will became real.

It is our dream that one day to have a special wall built for our young men and boys...who battled this disease - and who lived in spirits to see our dreams come true.

Vision this...a beautiful botanical garden, full of bloom with all kinds of flowers, bloomed bushes and trees and then there, the shiny wall with not just names, but who they were to us.  Not just names, but when they came into this world and sadly when they left us.  Their favorite quotes, or verse or photo. a kept clean and organized place where we can even talk to them and pray for them. 

Right now, as we organize as a committee, we like to hope with your desire to help, please donate to help us become a non-profit organization, and from there, we will fly