Tim's young life- muscular dystrophy "documentary"

young life of Tim and when he got muscular dystrophy. featuring many family members and friends, also in their younger days! (lol) Including me, in my thinner days! (ROFL)

Posted by Deborah Dee Bird on Monday, September 7, 2009

Timothy M. Bird-Lopez

Duchenne Memorial Wall

Memories is all we have when your child is gone.  Sometimes, it feels like that photographs just isn't enough. How about all his cute drawings, his poetry, his school work, his videos and so much more. Even then that doesn't seem enough.

I know many won't listen to me or even believe me, but I honestly believe that Tim was brought into my life for a good reason with a good purpose by God.  I know many are angry at God for what happened to their son. That is understandable. But God didn't give your son the disease. The sins of our fathers did...you know back when Adam and Eve were around.  You can believe what you want, but I know God brought this gorgeous boy into my life to remind me of HIM!!! of His goodness and love for both of us.  But I owe my life to this boy...it was because of him, I am alive today.  Yes there are the bits parts of me that has some anger towards God for what happened between January-March 2014...anyone would be angry, but right now this is about TIMOTHY...his story.  And his story does not end here.

Tim was born into a single mother home. His dad was around for most of his life, but not enough. But we won't go there! Born in Maryland into an Adventist hospital, Tim was born on his due date. You can thank Pizza Hut for that.   Although the pain of the labor and delivery, I never knew how much the devil can come out of you when those moments close to the birth comes. Ok...I don't blame him for that. Mother nature yes, Tim, no.

In Tim's life we did a bit of traveling around between Maryland and Florida (mostly those two) . But until my graduation in Maryland, my little "graduate" stuck it out with me until we moved to Florida in 1993. We have been down here since then and I can two you even with Tim's own words, "you will not catch us up there again"...well to visit, but that is about it.

Tim attended the  Lake Elementary school in Tampa for his kindergarten year and then we moved up to Orlando area where he spent the next five years and completing  Elementary school ...and where he met his best buddy, Kevin.

In 2000, Kevin and Tim went on the Disney Cruise for Tim's MAKE A WISH with Kevin's mom and myself. We spent 4 days on that mighty boat, and it just seem not long enough.   I think that was the year we were all Disney'd out. Disney this, Disney that. I think that was the year he also won the DISNEY DREAMERS AND DOERS AWARD for his writing skills.  This boy, my boy could write...even as a 5th grader.

Timothy and I then moved to Sebring, Florida where I took a job and he attended the Hill-Gustat Middle school and then Sebring High School for his full four (4) years where he graduated in 2007 with full honors.  Tim received with over $12,000 in scholarships and grants while attending his first year at the University of Florida.

Tim attended UF originally to be a Veterinary. Then he changed his degree to Microbiology, then History, then it seems like something else.  I'm sorry I can't remember, he just could not make up his mind. But he was smart as a whiz! I kept telling him he had his father's DNA when it came to "smartness" ...his GPA was like 4.0 by the time he quit college life and that is not from studying.   His anime was far important than studying but he still completed with a high GPA. I remember his last semester he had a student graduate teacher in I think his Calculas class. Oh my...I loved taking Tim to that class just to check that teacher out. Oh I know, he was to young for me, but I loved how it embarrassed my college son!  

Timothy had so many loves in his life. I'm not talking about just his hobbies but yes even girls.  He use to brag about Coco from SBHS...all the time.  He also loved to write, not just stories, but poetry too.  When he was able to write, before the muscles took what was best of him.  Eventually it made it difficult for him to even use the mouse to move things around. He was down to one finger after putting his arms on pillows and scooting him forward at times.

Tim spent so many times in the hospital that at some point we became regulars.  We would tease people how it was our vacation spot.  There were times he may be in 3-4 times a year to a point he would not be in at all or to many times.  His body was giving up on him and I warned him about it. 

In September 2013, we a (pre-) Memorial service for him. I wanted the family to have the chance to spend time with him before his passing. We didn't know when or if ever. But we didn't want to wait till the funeral either.   Stupid to say "good bye" to someone already dead.  Sadly to say, only one maternal aunt and a maternal Uncle (with his family) came.  No one wanted to spend time with him and by the time he did pass, it was to late.  Sadly not even his father or any one from his paternal side came. This became quite heart breaking to Timothy.   I know he was disappointed and depressed from it.  If we had known six (6) months later he would be gone forever, I would had hoped they would had done differently, but the worse part they didn't even come for his funeral.  So if he is in a spirit world, I hope he is haunting them.

Timothy passed away on March 1, 2014 from complications of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  From Sepsis, double pneumonia to heart failure.  Tim's last few months were more of sleeping from the heart failure.  These are some of the complications that our boys suffer from DMD.

Since Timothy's death, there have been many young man and boys who have passed away. Hence why a cure must be found.  Although research is out there, and so many clinical medications, we do have mothers and fathers fighting for their son's lives.   All they can do is FIGHT  & so we fight with them.

Until then...we remember our son's.